The Impact of Poverty and Hunger on African Children’s Education

poverty and hunger

In Africa, poverty and hunger remain significant challenges, affecting millions of children. These hinder their access to education and basic healthcare. The interaction between poverty, hunger, education, and health creates a vicious cycle that impedes the continent’s progress and development. Malnutrition is a dire consequence of poverty and hunger in Africa, leading to severe health […]

Day Of The African Child: Technology And Education, A Look Into The Future

Day of The African Child

On the occasion of the Day of the African Child, amidst a world rapidly transformed by technological advancements, we delve into the immense potential that the future of education holds for shaping the lives of African children. As we celebrate this significant day, our focus turns to the vital role that technology plays in bridging […]

International Education Day 2023

International Education Day

Today, the 24th January 2023 the world is marking the 5th International Education Day. This year’s theme is “to invest in people, prioritize education”. This day is very important as one of its main goals is to generate debate on how to strengthen education as a public endeavor and common good as well as support […]

Schooled or Educated?

Schooled or Educated, RNC

Education is the process through which knowledge is acquired. But why is knowledge acquired? What is the purpose of acquiring knowledge? Why should people be educated? This is a serious aspect that is never brought into account. Education is not just going through a particular system, it should be transformative. It should transform a whole […]