Dear boy child, I’m sorry the society has made it extremely hard for you. We’ve made you feel forgotten, neglected and unwanted. We are sorry. All focus has shifted towards girl’s empowerment. It is not a bad thing but it is a worrying trend that needs to be put on check if we are to progress and ensure gender equity and equality.

Dear boy child, I’m sorry that we have abandoned you. Look at the disparities in education and all other facets of the society which have left you exposed to the vulgarities of the world. We are sorry that an educated girl is accorded much respect and honor than a boy with the
same achievements. This shouldn’t happen in a society that seeks to

Dear boy child, it’s sad that the society dictates that your key roles are provision and protection. My heartaches when I see you skipping
and dropping out of school to engage in crime to feed your families. It’s sad that you’re going through an unjust system ending up
unemployed and alone in adulthood.

Dear boy child, we are sorry for making you feel the need to explain why you have dreams while we just help the girls through their
dreams. We are sorry we’ve made you feel worthless and you have to fight for your survival in a very harsh world. Dear boy-child, we love you when you are sad and we respect you even at your worst.

We understand when you are not perfect and we want to hold your hand and lead you to your dreams. Girl child empowerment must never be a competition between genders. It must never be an opportunity to abandon the boy-child instead, let it be a progressive complement.

By Margaret Waithera