Peace, Technology

Technology As A Tool To Achieve Sustainable Peace

Digital technologies are playing a significant role in peace building. The use of technology commonly referred to as “peacetech”, has over the recent years provided peace builders with tools for communicating, programing and alternative dispute resolution, to develop technology based solutions for conflict prevention, control and management.

Data processing attribute of technology can not only be used as a tool for early warning and early response to conflicts but also documenting conflict instances which can be used for assessment and action. The digital platform has given an inclusive space where everyone can add their voice. It has also been used in bringing out positive messages very crucial for peace building. Technologies have bridged the gap of bringing people together; peace builders are using the space to promote networks, dialogue, and interactions virtually for offline implementation.

The challenges involved in incorporating technology in peace building include; lack of equal access to technologies, as much its aim is to reach large populations some groups which are crucial participants in the process have limited access to technologies. Information on conflict and peacekeeping is very sensitive thus is prone to ethical, privacy and security issues.

A cost benefit analysis on implementation of any technology prior is necessary the discussion on necessity of its application on some cases is inevitable.