Children-Led Community Peace Labs ( CLCP Labs)

CLCP Labs provide a safe space for children (7-13 years of age) living in conflict-affected communities in which they can learn and practice peacebuilding skills on a weekly basis. The programme supports, mentors, and equips children with the skills needed to be more resilient and aware of unpredictable chronic and political violence that erupts in these communities. 

The weekly training incorporates storytelling and art-based approaches to foster learning and the sharing of experiences and knowledges. The children are encouraged to imagine and develop simple peace projects. We focus on nurturing their ideas and visions.

We bring in storytellers, photographers, dancers, and poets to host workshops for the children.

Programme Goal:

CCP Labs

We seek to shift the perceived role of children living in low income communities from vulnerable victims of conflict to agents of change in their communities. This is achieved through peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and the intergenerational transmission and production of knowledge.

After the training, the participating children are matched with mentors who help them in continuous development. The project is being implemented in  the urban settlements of Nairobi, Kenya, such as Korogocho, Kariobangi, Mathare, Majengo, and Baba Dogo to start. There is also targeted upscaling in other communities across the country and East Africa.

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