Children-Led Community Peace Labs ( CLCP Labs)

Re-Imagining New Communities, recently, launched a children-Led-Community Peace Labs (CLCP-Labs), a programme that seeks to support, train, and mentor & equip children with the skills needed to be more resilient & aware of unpredictable chronic and political violence that erupts in their communities. CLCP Labs provide a safe space for children (7-13 years of age) living in conflict-affected communities in which they can learn and practice peacebuilding skills on a weekly basis.

The weekly training incorporates storytelling and art-based approaches to foster learning and the sharing of experiences and knowledge. The children are encouraged to imagine and develop simple peace projects. We focus on nurturing their ideas and visions.

CCP Labs

Programme Goals

Goal 1: To address fears among the children by allowing them to share either through music, drawing or any other means comfortable to them

Goal 2: Share stories of resilience from other children who have made it from worse situation

Goal 3: Training the children to become trainer of trainers, enabling them to train other students/community

Goal 4: Collaborative production of knowledge through participatory practice with the children being at the center of the process.


Theory of Change

CLCP-Lab’s theory of change is to shift children’s Perceived role of vulnerable victims and negligees in peacebuilding to an empowered skilled and agents of change in their communities. This is achieved through peer-peer learning, collaboration and inter-generational knowledge production

CLCP Labs is implemented after a careful recruitment process of learners and teachers from selected communities. This process is in close collaboration with the schools that have signed up for the programme.

The participants meet every Saturday at our training center from 12:30pm-4:00pm. They are served lunch before the training starts. These trainings are participatory & hands-on learning.

This first cohort was trained for a period of 6 months, May- October, after which they developed post-training project as well as establishing CLCP-Labs in their schools and community.

Primary Schools