Pastor Mary Owuor

Pastor Mary Owuor Awarded Inaugural Transformation Award

Pastor Mary Owuor’s journey in a short span embodies the very essence of the Re-Imagining New Communities’ Transformation Award. She was in the first cohort of Faith4Peace program that brought together 16 pastors and leaders from Nairobi, Kajiado and Kisumu.

From the training, Pastor Mary displayed great commitment in integrating all the lesson and practical skills she learnt from the program. Before the training, Pastor Mary was struggling in streamlining her church leadership and structure.

Pastor Mary Owuor, a widow and mother of four, was subsequently ordained on the 29th of October 2023 as a fully-fledged pastor. Her ordination is another confirmation of her desire to keep improving her spirituality and commitment to God’s assignment.

Last month, she was awarded the Re-Imagining New Communities Transformation Award, acknowledging her efforts in the works of faith. She has been able to seamlessly blend the Faith4Peace Principles within her religious teachings, this practical approach rooted in life lessons have enriched her congregation’s spiritual and personal development empowering them to actively live their faith.


Pastor Mary’s leadership shines within her congregation, she guides others with wisdom and compassion, acting as a mentor for those seeking spiritual and personal growth. Her leadership isn’t just vocal; it manifests in action, inspiring others to follow.

Pastor Mary’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Faith4Peace Leadership program which is designed to support religious leaders forge a path towards crafting peace, refining leadership, and mastering conflict resolution in a shared journey towards a more harmonious world.

She is not just a recipient of the award; she is its embodiment. Her dedication, leadership, and commitment to building bridges within and beyond her church and community truly set her apart as a deserving recipient of the first Re-Imagining New Communities Transformation Award 2023.