Our Story

Re-Imagining New Communities (RNC) is focused on bringing together different communities. We are founded on enabling connections and collaborations across communities. We seek to bring people together across differences. Over time we have realized that differences in language, race, culture, and worldview should not be barriers that prevent collaboration. We see great value in coming together. Our differences must be celebrated because they enable the exchange of ideas and allow us to inspire one another.

RNC strives to build a network of like-minded individuals, organizations, and other stakeholders to inspire a narrative that re-imagines new communities across the globe.

We are focused on a bottom-up approach in which grassroots communities are active in shaping conversations around their livelihood, peace, culture, and cohesion within the community. Through this approach, we inspire a new generation of peacebuilders, changemakers, conscious artists, and community leaders who are able to re-imagine and redesign new approaches and opportunities to tackle some of the most harmful underlying societal issues in creative and innovative ways.

RNC, Role of children in peacebuilding

Our Obligation

Our obligation to our communities and the world at large is to:

  1. Celebrate the diversity within the communities through enhancing children led community peacebuilding.
  2. Research and share challenges and opportunities across different communities for the purpose of creating positive change.
  3. Inspire, design, and implement community owned interventions.
  4. Provide a safe space for mentorship and training in peacebuilding, conflict transformation for children and youth who live in vulnerable communities.