RNC Dialogues

RNC Dialogues is a program that connects people across communities. Through this programme, we bring different stakeholders for either an online or physical consultations on particular issues affecting their communities and neighborhoods. Thus, people across differences are able to create an environment in which they can learn from and inspire one another.

Constructive conversations break a lot of barriers – both real and perceived – and thus, RNC dialogues allows diverse groups of people to unite and gain the confidence to share and help shape new ways of
thinking that create new narratives and social change.

We have and continue to facilitate community dialogues and online conversations that aim to provide platforms where groups come together to share and discuss issues around their livelihoods, governance, social issues and other emerging threats within their communities.

The groups are able to come up with possible solutions, priority areas for their constituents and policy briefs. Particularly our community dialogues focuses on resource and other conflicts within rural communities; Climate Change; Elections; Education; Gender Based Violence; Violence Against Children and Interfaith Collaborations.

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