Why Policies Around Children-Led Leadership Are Important

Policies Around Children

Policies play a crucial role in shaping the environment in which children grow and develop. It is a phenomenon that has gained increasing recognition and importance in recent years. In the context of children’s leadership, policies can have a significant impact on shaping the opportunities for leadership development, community involvement, and compliance with laws and […]

Importance Of Peacebuilders and Peace Ambassadors


Peacebuilding is a crucial step towards achieving sustainable peace in communities worldwide. It involves building and maintaining relationships between individuals, groups, and nations, promoting harmony, and preventing conflicts from escalating into violence. By actively engaging in peace-building initiatives, these individuals contribute to the advancement of social cohesion, peaceful coexistence, and sustainable development. Peacebuilders and peace […]

The Power of Grassroot Approach to Peacebuilding


In regions marred by violence, the pursuit of peace becomes an arduous task. However, there are individuals and communities who, despite being exposed to environments of violence, have successfully implemented peacebuilding techniques. This article delves into the experiences of these resilient individuals and explores why the grassroots approach has proven to be the most effective […]

Building Bridges of Understanding: Religious Literacy and Tolerance


Religious literacy and tolerance play an integral role in fostering peaceful coexistence and resolving conflicts in diverse societies. They provide a framework for addressing religiously motivated conflicts and promoting dialogue among different faith groups. By fostering understanding and respect, religious literacy can contribute to the de-escalation of tensions and the promotion of peaceful coexistence.Religious literacy […]

How Empowering Children As Peacebuilding And Social Justice Agents Can Transform The World


An article by World Vision quotes “We build peace with and for children by weaving resilience through their communities. Peacebuilding contributes to good governance, sustainable and equitable economic development, peace and reconciliation, and civic empowerment.” Children often find themselves in the crosshairs of conflict, violence, and instability. They are vulnerable to various forms of abuse, […]

The Importance of Teaching The Art of Peacebuilding To Children


Each year, 500 million to 1.5 billion children around the world are subjected to some form of violence. More than one billion children were living in areas affected by conflict and violence (UNICEF). Peacebuilding from the early stages of life is a long-term solution to instability and community conflicts. Children growing up in many regions […]