Bringing Together Different Communities to Share Ideas, Learn from Each Other and Curate Sustainable Collaborations

Re-Imagining New Communities (RNC) is founded on the idea of bringing together different communities, enabling connections and sustainable collaborations through peacebuilding, cultural exchange and conversations.  We seek to bring people together across differences. Over time we have realized that differences in language, race, culture, and worldview should not be barriers that prevent collaboration. We see great value in coming together. Celebrating our differences enables the exchange of ideas and allows us to understand and inspire one another. Thus, allowing re-imagining of new communities.

We strive to build a network of like-minded individuals, organizations, and other stakeholders in peacebuilding, cultural, democracy, education, private and public sectors to inspire a narrative that re-imagines new communities across the globe.


RNC works with like-minded organizations from any corner of the world, including schools, universities, as well as grassroots movements and organizations immersed across the arts, sports, peacebuilding, cultural, civic, social, and government sectors, to ultimately design and implement powerful collaborations.

We are focused on a bottom-up approach in which grassroots communities are active in shaping conversations around their livelihood, culture, and cohesion. Through this approach, we inspire a new generation of peacebuilders, changemakers, conscious artists, and community leaders who are able to re-imagine and redesign new approaches and opportunities to tackle some of the most harmful underlying societal issues in creative and innovative ways.

Children: Faces of the Peacebuiders

Children: Faces of the Peacebuiders is a publication that highlights the stories of our participants in the Children-Led Community Peace Labs (CLCP-Labs).

This  first edition of the publication focuses on the children peacebuilders from the urban settlements (Korogocho, Dandora, Babadogo, & Kariobangi) of Nairobi, Kenya who are participating in the CLCP-Labs as the first cohort of the program.

The children shares stories of their communities, families, ambitions and why they joined CLCP-Labs and how their lives have been transformed since joining the program.

We Partner with Leading Organizations and Communities

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…When in a conflict situation, parties to the conflict can become convinced that their truth is the one and only truth. This exercise encourages participants to consider that one experience may lead to multiple interpretations..

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