Why Bottom –Up Approach In Peace Building

“Contrary to what most politicians and interveners preach, outside experts, national leaders and top – down approaches are not the only means to re – establishing peace. Bottom – up initiatives also make a difference and ordinary people have the capacity to address some of the deeper roots of their countries problems.”  Severine autesserre The […]

Maintaining Peace In The Middle Of A Pandemic

The Covid – 19 crisis has not only crippled peace keeping activities but also the basic unit of peace which is personal sanity and peace of mind. The UN secretary general while addressing the Security Council stated that; “all of this means that our commitment to sustaining peace is more urgent than ever”. The links […]

The Importance of Teaching The Art of Peacebuilding To Children


Each year, 500 million to 1.5 billion children around the world are subjected to some form of violence. More than one billion children were living in areas affected by conflict and violence (UNICEF). Peacebuilding from the early stages of life is a long-term solution to instability and community conflicts. Children growing up in many regions […]