What Happened?

While we bask in the glory and splendor of the present, it is easy to forget about the awe and aesthetic beauty of the past. Let us flash back to the time before Africa and particularly Kenya was ‘civilised’. African lifestyle was original and their culture was original and uncorrupted. Until westernization happened. According to […]

Mental Health and Peace

Mental Health & Peace

Are our thoughts worth so much more after we are no more? Reality threatens that ‘yes’ is the answer. We tend to acquire a new keenness and attention to detail when little or nothing we can do about a situation. It’s the case with the mental health situation in our communities today; we notice all […]

Peace: The Community Lifeline

They say the future is female, but I ask myself whether that is not a sexist’s point of view. We live in times where the sex of the future is not the primary concern but whether the future is there. The most fundamental institution of our communities is heading south and could lose its essence […]

Elections and Peace

Elections and Peace

It’s almost that time of year again, when the air is thick with dust from large vehicles, when religious services are transformed into political rallies, and when funerals are compelled to become political rallies. We aren’t afraid to be bitten again, even though we have already been bitten once. Peace has been preached for a […]

The Tribal Red Flag

Since colonial times to post-colonial and current times of evolving political cultures and social structures, tribalism has been adamantly prevalent in Kenya. This vice has adversely affected the development of the country leading to economic discrimination to unmerited employment opportunities. Under and overrepresentation of different tribes in the civil service is evident. Politics has heightened […]

Peace Is Love, But Is Love Peace?

Peace Is Love, But Is Love Peace

To be young and in love in modern day is what young people call a flex but, is this really love or is it a wave of darkness that has blinded us to think that it’s love? We live in a broken world full of broken people and fire can’t put out fire so the […]

Peace Building For Sustainable Development

Peace, development

Peace is a key factor to consider in achieving sustainable development. The poorest populations are on a high percentage from unstable and conflict stricken regions. Goal 16 of the17 Sustainable Development Goals is to “promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions […]

Technology As A Tool To Achieve Sustainable Peace

Peace, Technology

Digital technologies are playing a significant role in peace building. The use of technology commonly referred to as “peacetech”, has over the recent years provided peace builders with tools for communicating, programing and alternative dispute resolution, to develop technology based solutions for conflict prevention, control and management. Data processing attribute of technology can not only […]

The Peace God

The Peace God

Whether practicing Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism or any other religion peace is an important trait recognized as a fulfillment of the expectations of people who identify with the same. Christians identify peace as both inner and physical; they derive their concepts of peace from the teachings of Jesus. Love and justice are the main drivers […]

Gender Mainstreaming In Peace Building

Role of Women in Peace Building

Effective peace building should take into account issues of gender and especially consider structural inequalities and power dynamics which are the basis for gender discrimination. The united nations has affirmed its commitment to increasing women’s role in decision making, expanding their role to UN field based operations, providing training guidelines to all member states on […]