International Day of Living Together in Peace

Promoting Unity and Harmony: Celebrating the International Day of Living Together in Peace

Each year since 16th May 2018, the International Day of Living Together in Peace has been celebrated, the objective of celebrating this day is “to uphold the desire to live and act together, united in differences and diversity, in order to build a sustainable world of peace, solidarity and harmony.” The Day calls on nations to do more to advance reconciliation in order to ensure peace and sustainable development.

Another objective of the day is to bring people together by acceptance of differences and promotion of diversity. This encourages people to live together in harmony and unity to ensure peace and the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Re-Imagining New Communities is a peacebuilding and communication organization that strives to bring together communities through collaborations and fostering long-lasting connections. The organization bridges divisions so as to unite people through its programs; because maintaining peace is an active positive process where disagreements are settled through communication and with respect for one another irregardless of language, cultural, racial and philosophical defferences.

The International Day of Living Together in Peace was introduced to enact acts of service that promote forgiveness and compassion, and working with communities and other relevant actors. Peace is more than just the absence of violence, it is the intentional promotion and encouraging of respect for human rights through positive participatory processes that encourage conversation, mutual understanding and coorporation to resolve conflicts.

Getting together is very valuabe, as it encourages the exchange of ideas, as well as our ability to comprehend and motivate one another by celebratimg our diversity through, collaborating with local grassroots organizations, religious leaders, and other key stakeholders in the community.

As quoted from Yuva, an award-winning NGO in india, “peace is the precondition for sustainable development and the common good. It allows policy-makers to solve economic, social, cultural or humanitarian challenges”

The pursuit for peace is what will keep the world balanced.