Peace Is Love, But Is Love Peace

Peace Is Love, But Is Love Peace?

To be young and in love in modern day is what young people call a flex but, is this really love or is it a wave of darkness that has blinded us to think that it’s love? We live in a broken world full of broken people and fire can’t put out fire so the broken can’t complete the broken. We seek so much because we have so little that’s why when we get little affection from anyone we blindly think that’s love. Love is peace and when someone loves you they want the best for you and when you don’t give it to them, they learn to embrace your flaws or help you fix them.

Interpersonal peace although at times doesn’t seem important, is all we need. To have peace, I believe one has to be at peace with their past, present and their future. You must love the little you have, your perfections and flaws. Most young people assume being alone equates to being lonely. On the contrary, I believe one can enjoy their own company more than being in company with a person whom you are not connected to mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Young people find themselves in wrong company in pursuit of ‘friendship’ yet this is one of the reasons why many young people suffer from mental health problems leading to suicide and murder.

As peacebuilding practitioners, there is a need to address the underlying causes of mental health for young people who have now found solace in
drugs and substance abuse.

No one wants to grow old alone but it is now time to take a step back and make it okay that a young person can be alone and still be at peace with self.
They call it self-love!

Article by Margaret Waithera.