Faith For Peace

Religious groups are very instrumental in  peacebuilding efforts at the grassroot levels. The groups have organized structures which enables them to communicate and organize their members for any related activity. 

However many of the religious groups and  actors have no formal training in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. This gap affects their work and finding balance of power between conflicting parties. It is important to note that building peace requires restructuring the parties’ relationship to empowering the weaker party and address structural sources of inequality. Thus, religious groups need the right skills and knowledge on conflict transformation, not only within their organization but also the communities in which they work in.. 

Faith for Peace is a program designed to provide safe and learning space for churches- pastors and leaders to understand and experiment practical techniques in peacebuilding, leadership, conflict resolution, and well being.

Through interfaith and community collaborations participating pastors and leaders are able to  appreciate and share their past experiences and construct interventions and methodologies that guide their work. 

Through this program, Re-imagining New Communities aspires to equip  and support 5000 pastors across Kenya.

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