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mental health,RNC

Exploring the Connection Between Mental Health and Violent Behavior

Delve into the intricate interplay of factors that contribute to the link between mental health conditions and violent tendencies, offering insights for a comprehensive understanding. ...
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International Day of Education

Building Bridges Through Knowledge: Celebrating International Day of Education With Children-Led Community Peace Labs

Today, the world marks the International Day of Education, a day to celebrate the transformative power of learning and its role in building a better ...
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Importance Of Peacebuilders and Peace Ambassadors

Peacebuilding is a crucial step towards achieving sustainable peace in communities worldwide. It involves building and maintaining relationships between individuals, groups, and nations, promoting harmony, ...
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Power Of Storytelling: A Conversation With Wangari The Storyteller

In our recent interview with Grace Wangari, also known as Wangari the Storyteller, a renowned children’s storyteller and a member of the RNC Advisory Board, ...
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The Power of Grassroot Approach to Peacebuilding

In regions marred by violence, the pursuit of peace becomes an arduous task. However, there are individuals and communities who, despite being exposed to environments ...
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Building Bridges of Understanding: Religious Literacy and Tolerance

Religious literacy and tolerance play an integral role in fostering peaceful coexistence and resolving conflicts in diverse societies. They provide a framework for addressing religiously ...
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A Silent Epidemic: Alarming Suicide Rates Among African Adolescents

Suicide is a burgeoning crisis affecting individuals across diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds worldwide. Of particular concern is the startling surge in suicide rates ...
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Climate Change

The Displacement and Migration of Children due to Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

Climate change and environmental degradation are no longer distant threats but pressing realities that are reshaping the world we live in. Among the most vulnerable ...
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Climate Change,Africa Climate Summit

The Participation and Leadership of Children in Climate Activism and Advocacy: A Catalyst for Change Ahead of the Africa Climate Summit

Climate change is an issue that transcends generations and borders, affecting people of all ages and walks of life. However, it is the children of ...
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How Empowering Children As Peacebuilding And Social Justice Agents Can Transform The World

An article by World Vision quotes “We build peace with and for children by weaving resilience through their communities. Peacebuilding contributes to good governance, sustainable ...
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poverty and hunger

The Impact of Poverty and Hunger on African Children’s Education

In Africa, poverty and hunger remain significant challenges, affecting millions of children. These hinder their access to education and basic healthcare. The interaction between poverty, ...
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Father's Day

Father’s Day Reflection: Promoting Gender Equality and Shared Responsibility

Father’s Day was first marked in 1908. Over the years, it has transformed from just a religious holiday to being “commercialized by sending gifts and ...
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