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Rural Vs Urban Life

Rural Vs Urban Life (Today)

Barely under a decade ago, was urban life preferred to rural life! Especially when auntie and uncle “madooh” came visiting and told you stories of …

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Sammy the anti-jigger Police

Sammy The Anti-Jigger Police

Five year old Sammy has jiggers. He writhes in pain as the community health worker (CHW) cleans his feet. She then pierces some of the …

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Is It Time To Re-Empower Men, RNC

Is It Time To Re-Empower Men?

The world just celebrated the International Women’s Day. As a country (Kenya) we are still grappling with one of the most terrifying sexual assault. A …

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Civil War in Africa, Tigray Defense Force (TDF)

Political Instability and Civil War in Africa in 2021

2021 saw a mix of political instability and civil war in Africa; Ethiopian government forces and the rebel Tigray Defense Forces fighting in Tigray and …

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Drought in Makueni

Connecting Piped Water Into Homes Could Save A Lot Of Man Hours For Makueni People

According to WHO and UNICEF, two billion people live in countries with high water stress. One of the most important recent milestones has been recognizing …

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What Happened?

While we bask in the glory and splendor of the present, it is easy to forget about the awe and aesthetic beauty of the past. …

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Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse and Minors: A Looming National Crisis

  I walked into my village market center. At the entrance, I saw some boys and young men sitting around a green basin in a …

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Mental Health & Peace

Mental Health and Peace

Are our thoughts worth so much more after we are no more? Reality threatens that ‘yes’ is the answer. We tend to acquire a new …

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Peace: The Community Lifeline

They say the future is female, but I ask myself whether that is not a sexist’s point of view. We live in times where the …

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Elections and Peace

Elections and Peace

It’s almost that time of year again, when the air is thick with dust from large vehicles, when religious services are transformed into political rallies, …

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The Tribal Red Flag

Since colonial times to post-colonial and current times of evolving political cultures and social structures, tribalism has been adamantly prevalent in Kenya. This vice has …

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The Nexus Of Illegal Drugs And Conflict

Production, sale and use, of illicit drugs have proved to be a factor accelerating violence and complicating peace building efforts. Illegal armed groups participation in …

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