Transformation Award

About The Award

In acknowledging and celebrating the unwavering dedication and contributions of our valued beneficiaries within the Children-Led Community Peace Labs and Faith for Peace initiatives, we conceived the Transformation Award as a means to not only recognize their remarkable efforts but also to serve as a powerful source of motivation and encouragement.

The transformative impact of the Children-Led Community Peace Labs and Faith for Peace programs is deeply rooted in the commitment and hard work of our beneficiaries. The Transformation Award stands as a tangible symbol of our gratitude and appreciation for their resilience in fostering peace and harmony within their communities.

This award serves as a testament to the positive change brought about by the relentless pursuit of peace by our beneficiaries. It goes beyond mere acknowledgment, extending to inspire and uplift those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication in creating meaningful transformations in their communities, schools and churches.

The design of the Transformation Award reflects the spirit of growth and positive change, encapsulating the essence of the Children-Led Community Peace Labs and Faith for Peace programs. As a motivation, it aims to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment, encouraging our beneficiaries to continue their impactful journey towards sustainable peace.

By recognizing and celebrating their efforts through the Transformation Award, we aim to create a ripple effect, inspiring not only the recipients but also others within and beyond our programs. This initiative strives to build a community of changemakers who are dedicated to promoting peace, unity, and positive transformation on a broader scale.

Criteria for Outstanding Pastors

The recipient of this award under the faith4peace program must demonstrate creativity and innovation in delivering their programs and leadership within their churches utilizing and integrating all the lessons and practical skills learnt during their training.

The recipient must show evidence of positive impact on the local community through various initiatives and outreach programs after Faith4Peace training.

They must exhibit strong leadership qualities within their congregation, community and across industries after Faith4Peace training and act as a mentor and guide to individuals seeking spiritual and personal growth by applying Faith4Peace training.

Criteria for Outstanding Schools

The recipient of this ward under Children-Led Community Peace Labs (CLCP-Labs) program must demonstrate strong commitment to seamlessly integrating CLCP-Lab’s training into their academic curriculum. Implements innovative educational practices that go beyond traditional methods while incorporating real-world applications of teachings into the learning process according to the CLCP training.

The recipient must show prove of their active involvement in community peace building initiative and outreach programs after CLCP training, fosters a sense of social responsibility among students.

Lastly the recipient must demonstrate commitment to invest in the continuous training and development of their teachers to ensure they are well-equipped to impart both academic and moral teachings.

Criteria for Teachers & learners

The recipient must demonstrate sustained positive impact over an extended period after undergoing the learning workshops or joining peace labs. They must show evidence of long-term changes and improvements within their schools and communities. They must provide measurable results or outcomes of the teachings and skills imparted.

Lastly, the recipient must be endorsed by their fellow teachers/ learners indicating the impact of CLCP training and skills.