Is It Time To Re-Empower Men, RNC

Is It Time To Re-Empower Men?

The world just celebrated the International Women’s Day. As a country (Kenya) we are still grappling with one of the most terrifying sexual assault. A female driver was assaulted by a gang of b Boda Boda operators along Forest Road. From the videos shared across social media platform, showed the boda boda operators harassing the women while she was in her car. It’s alleged that she was involved in an accident with another boda boda operator. It is agonizing how vile and ferociously those men attacked her, how her blood-curdling screams didn’t even make them flinch. Makes you wonder about their humanity.

Bravo! We (have) empowered women. It is wonderful how they are almost “running the world”, making all these bold impressive moves, and all things considered, they have come a long way, blood, sweat, and tears. Yet to what cost will we support this cause? Because in the tenor of all this, men have been characterized as vicious predators whose goal is to wound and that the only way to beat them, is to disable as well as make them feel powerless.

God created man in His own image and likeness. To rule over everything. To have a responsibility, care for, provide for, love, protect and respect all he was tasked with. Somehow, man forgotten all these in his pursue for life and belonging.  And what’s the consequence? Wounded people all over. Gender based violence (though this two sided), political violence, increased violation etc.

While they have been trying to get back to their primary role. They do so without minding who they hurt or offend in the only language we have been programmed to; violence.

Seriously, why don’t we work on re-empowering the man, support them in becoming the person that God intended them to be. I want to believe isn’t a violent and cruel being. For us to, somehow, manage this cruelty. We need man to go back to God’s initial plan. This might be the ultimate weapon towards destroying this uncomfortable inconvenience man has become.

Let’s also acknowledge, celebrate and recommend all the men who are involved in gender equality work. They are important.  They have stood up to be counted.

Grace Wendo

Communication & PR Student at Nazarene University.