The Plight of Children During The Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted livelihood in almost every corner of the planet. What is more tragic is its effect on children development. Millions of children have had to stay at home for more than a year due school closures and health protocols and guidelines.

It seems the pandemic is with us a bit longer than we expected. Inevitably, we have to cope with our new normal way of life. But what does this mean to children? How do we support their growth amidst the global crises?

Bringing children together during this period while at the same time adhering to all health protocols and guidelines will be very crucial for their development and wellbeing as well as sustainability of our communities.

Interaction between children improves their language and communication, lack of child engagement witnessed during the pandemic, negatively impact their social development. Mikhail a Russian child psychologist identifies that “in person children interaction, children learn how to develop and maintain friendships, how to behave among people, interact and form relationships with people outside their family” it is when they learn to put what they have seen on audiovisuals, school, and books or have heard from their parents into context.

It is during this period that they are out of school that we should encourage more of children activities either remotely or in small group meet ups. This, will help in solving a particular problems.

When children come together during this pandemic, it helps them to heal, learn how to cope with situation and become more resilient.


Article by Wairimu Ngandu,

Programme Assistant, Re-Imagining New Communities