Taught to Hate

Taught To Hate Than Love: Time For A Reset

I reminisce about memories growing up. We came from communities where sharing the little that one had was what brought us together. Do you remember your mother sending you to go borrow salt from your neighbour? Do you remember getting punished by your neighbour whenever you misbehaved? We loved because we found our parents loving, we cared because they did. Sadly, I can’t talk about that any longer.

Times have changed. New ways of doing things and new teachings. Modern life, education, religion, technology, though good, has removed people from reality. People have become blind to selflessness. They’ve started focusing on color differences, cultural differences, tribal and political inclinations. Leadership has ceased being about service for the people but has become the divisive factor. We have become so self-centered.

We are teaching our children that when someone knocks and borrows something, they are poor and could be taking advantage of those who have. You cannot afford to punish an errant child for fear that their parents will come baying for your blood.

We are losing our roots and value for being our brother’s keeper. Our social and moral fabric is broken. We hate because our friends hate and fight without knowing what we are fighting or why we are fighting. We have no brothers that are not blood. It’s time for a reset.

By Margaret Waithera